Why Choose Patagon?


No sales or purchase tax

You can buy or sell the Patagon token and you will not have to pay taxes on the purchase or sale


The Patagon token is safe

The Patagon token is secure and you can check it at GOPLUS


No mint function

No more coins will be minted



The Patagon token is a currency whose purpose is to be used within an ecosystem made up of service platforms such as markets based on local tourism and the sale of services, among other projects.

The coin will be used both for the creation of these projects by investing in them initially, and for its use as a means of purchase and payment on these platforms. Patagon is a real project that will be constantly evolving.


There were no initial token burns. There were also no airdrops. There are no team tokens. No more coins will be minted. There are no surcharges for coin purchases or sales. A fair launch of the coin was made. Initial liquidity was added to the PATAGON and ETH UniSwap pair. The Patagon token will have two uses: Project financing and Payment method in the Patagon ecosystem.

Token name :


Token symbol :


Max Supply :


Token type :


Contract address :



  • Initial Liquidity
  • Ecosystem
  • Projects
  • Platform
  • Marketing
  • Listing on Exchanges

How to buy Patagon

1. Install Metamask or TrustWallet wallet
2. Transfer ETH to wallet
3. Connect wallet to UniSwap
4. Press Select a token and paste the PATAGON address
5. Select pair ETH/PATAGON to swap



The project was conceived and initiated by lead developer Chris, who has extensive experience in software and Internet-based technologies and web site and service development, as well as years of experience working for hundreds of clients. Then Rod, Don and Iv have joined the project. The team has expanded since the project began to accommodate the needs of a growing community. ¿Do yo want collaborate with us? You can email your proposal to [email protected]


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